Nursing Course

nursing course

Nursing is a vocational subject. This means the study approach of a Nursing course be it a  Bachelor’s or Master’s degree will have a more practice-oriented focus. You will learn how to take care of sick people and comfort them throughout their recovery period. This means advising them on the best health choices, administering prescribed medication, and taking care of their overall well-being.

You can normally choose to study in one of the four main nursing fields: adult nursing, children’s nursing, learning disability nursing or mental health nursing.


Benefits of Studying Nursing Course


The main benefit or in other words the attraction towards doing a nursing course is its job scope, the health care industry is a booming one, and its always rising and it is a field that’s never going to slow down, so doing a nursing course will assure you 100 percent job placement. Most of the students who complete a nursing course like diploma in Nursing/Bsc followed by MSC will be placed either in a Government hospital, nursing homes, or private clinics and none remain jobless. The sector in which they attain a job depends on the aptitude of the student.


Work Abroad Opportunities For Nurses


The best thing about doing a Nursing course and attaining a nursing degree is that it can help you work abroad.Nursing is one such profession which gives you an option to emigrate and work abroad.

Developed countries like Canada, the USA, Ireland, and Australia face a severe shortage when it comes to the number of qualified nurses. The number of qualified nurses in these countries are very less compared to the actual demand. These countries give utmost importance to their health care industry and so in order to close the gap for qualified nurses, they recruit nurses from other countries like India.

In the case of Australia and Newzealand, they have eased the emmigration process for nurses, and they also allow them to bring their spouses along with them. Visa processing in the case of nursing professionals is given priority.

So when it comes to nurses who work abroad, salary is the best part. The main disadvantage when it comes to nurses who work in India is that they are paid less salary, and this covered up if they work abroad, because in developed countries they really know how worth qualified nurses are.

Compensation pay packs and perks are much more in the case of Nurses who work abroad. Foreign exchange does play a vital role. Nurses working in countries like Canada and the USA can earn as much as 40 -50 lakhs INR a year, the same are the figures in countries like the UK, middle east nations, and Newzealand.


How To Become A Registered Nurse Abroad?


The beginning is complete graduation in nursing by doing a Bsc degree followed by an MSc or they can go for a Diploma course in Nursing. Even male nurses can take up these courses.

To work abroad an Indian nurse has to complete the bridging program or adaptation program of that particular country followed by registering as a nurse at the Nursing Registration Council.

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