Reasons to study abroad in Latvia

study abroad in latvia

Quality Education in Latvia

If you choose to study abroad in Latvia, there are both state-financed and fee-paying higher education. Public grants and scholarships are accessible for top students.

Latvia offers two levels of higher education programs – academic and professional (for instance translators, bank staff, business legal advisors, pilots and so forth.). University type higher education organizations offer both academic and professional instruction, while the “non-university type” foundations give just professional education.

Academic higher education in Latvia takes after the Bologna system and is partitioned into three levels: Bachelor’s studies, Master’s studies, and Doctoral studies. A Bachelor degree takes three or four years, while a Master’s degree will take maybe a couple years.

Just graduates holding a Master’s degree or comparable higher education certificate may take up doctoral studies. These last three to four years, including advanced studies, examinations and the readiness and insurance of a doctoral theory.

Local people and Language Travel

The language talked in Latvia is Latvian, however, a great many people communicate in English, frequently with a fascinating blend of accents; American English, Swedish and Dutch.


General Life as a Student in Latvia

When studying in Latvia, you can study in the capital city Riga or at one of the urban areas that are as lovely as Riga and are near nature where you can appreciate study environment as well as excellent landscapes and friendly environment of the little urban communities.


Working while Studying in Latvia

International students can work part time in Latvia. The most extreme number of hours is 20 every week without requiring a work permit. Once a student has a residency permit they may apply for a work permit.

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